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Role Teacher Teaching Assistants
Headteacher Mrs O’Melia
Deputy Headteacher Mrs Fraser and Head of EYFS and Key Stage 1
Year 6  Mr Gobin Mrs Simpkin
Year 5  Mrs Harley (Monday-Wednesday) and
Mrs Murden (Thursday-Friday)
Ms L. Harris
Mrs Simpkin
Year 4   Miss Roberts Mrs Clarke
Ms L. Harris
Year 3   Mrs Roach (Monday-Wednesday) and
Mrs Fraser (Thursday-Friday)
Mrs Clarke
Year 2   Mrs Easby Mrs Beckley
Year 1   Mrs Yates Miss Gwillim
Mrs Küster
Reception  Miss Wolsoncroft Miss Gwillim
SENCO Mrs Crisp (Monday and Tuesday)
(Special Educational Needs Coordinator,  Senior Leadership Team)
PE Provider Non Stop Action (Tuesday and Friday)
Music Teacher Mr Mosely (Monday)

Support Staff

  • Office Manager: Mrs S. Harris
  • Office Administrator: Mrs Burgess
  • School Business Manager: Mrs Skinner
  • Site Manager: Mr Astley
  • School Cook: Mrs Rangasamy


  • Mrs Clarke
  • Ms L. Harris
  • Mrs Simpkin
  • Miss Gwillim
  • Mrs Küster
  • Mrs Beckley

Midday Supervisors

  • Mrs Burgess

Morning Club

  • Ms L. Harris