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Role Teacher Teaching Assistants
Miss Felstead* and Head of Key Stage 1
Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Roach*
Year 6 Teacher Mr Yeldham* and Head of Key Stage 2 Mrs Simpkin
Year 5 Teachers Mrs Harley (Monday-Tuesday) and
Mrs Yates* (Wednesday-Friday)
Mrs Harris
Mrs Simpkin
Year 4  Teacher Miss Long Mrs Clarke
Year 3  Teachers Mrs Roach (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning) and
Mrs Murden (Wednesday afternoon and Thursday-Friday)
Miss Richards
Mrs Percy
Mrs Clarke
Year 2  Teachers Mrs Gaines (Monday-Tuesday) and
Mrs Easby (Wednesday-Friday)
Mrs Percy
Year 1  Teachers Mrs Gifford (Monday-Wednesday) and
Mrs Hare (Thursday-Friday)
Miss Childs
Mrs Cartwright
Reception Teacher Mrs Scourfield
(fulltime for the autumn term whilst Miss Felstead is Headteacher)
Mrs Tunstall EYP
(Early Years Practitioner)
Mrs Cartwright
SENCO Mrs Crisp (Monday and Tuesday)
(Special Educational Needs Coordinator)
Sports Coach Mr Morgan (Tuesday and Friday)
Music Teacher Mrs Baker (Monday) currently on maternity leave

Support Staff

  • Office Manager – Mrs Hayley Dutton
  • Admin Assistant – Mrs Sarah Harris
  • School Business Manager: Mrs Lucy Price
  • Site Manager: Mr Martyn Astley
  • School Cook: Mrs Susie Rangasamy


  • Mrs Terri Clarke
  • Miss Naomi Childs
  • Ms Lucy Harris
  • Mrs Alison Percy
  • Mrs Angela Simpkin
  • Mrs Sirpa Tunstall
    (Early Years Practitioner)

Midday Supervisors

  • Mrs Gayle Ball
  • Mrs Catherine Burgess
  • Mrs Graziella McTernan
  • Mrs Amy Patton

Morning and After School Club

  • Mrs G McTurnan
  • Mrs B Duffin