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Welcome to Reception. Our class teacher is Miss Nicolson and our Teaching Assistant is Miss Gwillim.

At Abbey CE VA Primary School, the aim of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is to provide each child with the best possible start to their school careers, to ensure that they build excellent learning behaviours and develop the skills needed to succeed later in life.  Our curriculum is designed with this in mind and follows the EYFS statutory Framework as well as the Development Matters 2021 non-statutory guidance.

  • Multi Skills Unit

    In our PE lessons we have been focussing on throwing and catching.  We learnt how to use an underarm technique as well as an overarm  throw. We played various games where we were working on our accuracy and speed, particularly when we worked with a partner.

    Then we went on to focus on our catching skills,  remembering to watch the ball and have our hands ready. Finally, we have been bouncing balls on the spot and at targets before trying to catch them!

  • Forest School Adventures

    The children in Reception have been enjoying using our woodland space to take part in different outdoor activities.

    During their first session we established where it was safe to play and some basic rules such as, ‘We protect the plants and animals.’ We also played hide and seek and listened to Hoot Owl by Sean Taylor.

    In the next session we made some fairy houses. Some of the children thought that they saw woodland fairies whilst exploring! They leaned sticks against trees or pushed them into the mud to make a free standing structure before adding leaves or moss for a roof.

    During this week’s session we made natural crowns using different resources that we could find on the ground. The children were looking for interesting shaped and coloured leaves, sticks and seeds. Once we had attached our resources we filled the rest of the space with muddy drawings using sticks for paint brushes!