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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2.

Our class teacher is Mrs Easby, and our teaching assistants are Mrs Beckley and Ms L. Harris.

  • Science – Healthy Humans investigated in Year 2

    Year 2 kick-started the Spring Term with a Science Day where we explored what it means to be a ‘Healthy Human’.

    The children focused on 4 key elements; exercise, a balanced diet, hygiene and teeth.

    As part of this day we investigated which physical activities raised the heart rate, making the heart stronger, and discussed how exercise helps mental health as well as physical health.  We sorted food and drink into healthy and unhealthy categories,  listed ways we can keep clean and healthy and practised good hand-washing.  Finally we investigated whether older children have more teeth.  We counted our teeth and observed how many teeth we had standing in age order.  We finished the day looking at good oral hygiene and the importance of cleaning our teeth carefully twice a day.

    Enjoy some photos from the day.

  • Today Year 2 tested how strong and stable their chairs were

    The strongest chair held over 20 books.  It had a flat base, cylindrical legs and was short.

  • Year 2 Design and Technology – Building Structures

    This term we have looked at what makes a structure stable and strong.  Using play dough to create triangular pyramids, cubes and spheres we tested stability on an increasingly uneven surface.  The shapes with wide, flat bases and that were shorter were more stable.

    Using paper made into a cylinder, triangular prism and cuboid we tested the strength by laying books on top.  Most predicted the cuboid would be the strongest but it surprised a lot of us that the cylinder was the strongest holding over 70 books.

    We decided the cylinder, which shares its weight around the whole base, rather than at the corners,  would be the shape to make our structure out of.

    Next step – make Baby Bear’s Chair…


  • Phonics – Year 2 make compound words

    The children have been joining two words together to create compound nouns today. They had to match, find and write them. They will learn compound nouns as part of their spellings this week and use them in sentences in early morning work.

  • Year 2’s Christmas Lights

    Year 2 used pastels to blend colours.  They used dark to light to create a shadow effect and then chalks to add a glow, which helped add a 3D element.