The Abbey CE VA Primary School


English is taught daily with different focuses of spoken language, reading and writing. Each topic in enriched with a high quality whole class text which is explored and often used as stimulus for writing. Detailed long term planning ensures different genres are covered throughout the year. Regular extended writing (also cross curricular) provides the opportunity to write at length both linked to the topic or with topical tasks that reflect the interests of the pupils.

In EYFS and KS1 Phonics is taught on a daily basis following Essential Letters and Sounds (ELS). This daily learning helps the children become fluent readers. It can be a tricky task to read all those different sounds and still understand the story. Children may need to re-read a story a number of times to help them with their comprehension. The BEST way of children showing their understanding of a story is to read it with expression.

At home, some things to help with their fluency:

If they get stuck on an unfamiliar word, encourage them to segment the word, look for sounds they recognise and blend those sounds.

Ensure they take notice of punctuation, stopping at full stops and change their tone for questions and exclamation marks.

Once they’re confident with reading it correctly, then have a go at re-telling with great expression.


The reading scheme in KS1 used for home independent reading is aligned with our ELS phonics scheme including a range of texts both fiction and non-fiction. Children in KS2 are encouraged to be more independent in their choice of reading material and regular monitoring of reading logs enables us to track and promote reading very effectively. Pupils receive reading rewards for books read and understood each week.

In EYFS and year 1 reading is taught in guided groups but throughout the rest of the school pupils have whole class reading sessions using a variety of reading materials, (class texts, non-fiction articles and poetry) these concentrate on developing both word recognition and comprehension skills.

At Abbey, through our English curriculum we aim to give children the opportunity to explore a diverse range of texts in order to be self-aware and empathise with the experience of others in the wider community and beyond. This helps further develop key values of understanding, compassion and integrity.

Our ultimate aim is that the children flourish into wonderful adults and embrace all the opportunities life offers them. We encourage children to explore their creative potential, to reflect on their own and others’ work and to respond to feedback with patience and courage. Our children are willing to take risks and to learn through experiences of failure and they are supported to exercise imagination in their work.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (GPS) teaching is interwoven into English lessons taught in a meaningful context with opportunities to apply learning across the curriculum.

World Book Day March 2023