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Romans – History Trip

Our History learning has been focussed on the Romans arriving in Britain. Today, we were very lucky to have a hands on and interactive experience at The Verulamium Museum. We had a lovely, cold and frosty walk across Verulamium and arrived ready to warm up and learn! We went back in time to explore a …

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Art – Making our Roman coins!

Today, we put our planning and designing into action with our creation of Roman coins! We spent time looking at our design whilst getting considering how to use a paper plate for the coin. Then, we carefully drew our design onto the plate, making sure to include and follow the steps of our design brief. …

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Our Science Experiment – Tooth Decay

We spent time planning our investigation by creating an equipment list, method and making our predictions! Next, it was time to begin the experiment! We worked collaboratively to work our way through the method, step by step, to ensure we carried out a fair test. And… Here are our results! Can you believe the difference …

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Reading with Year 1

As part of our Guided Reading lessons, we have been spending time with Year 1 . We take it in turns to read some of our book and explore the different images, words and layouts. Some weeks, we choose one word to focus on and teach our Year 1 partners about!

Learning about Diwali!

This week, we have been exploring the celebrations of Diwali. We have enjoyed looking at the beautiful Rangoli patterns as well as Diya Lamps and patterned lanterns. We learnt about the meaning of Diwali being the festival of light to signify light triumphing darkness and good triumphing over evil. We had a go at creating …

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