The Abbey CE VA Primary School

Romans – History Trip

Our History learning has been focussed on the Romans arriving in Britain. Today, we were very lucky to have a hands on and interactive experience at The Verulamium Museum. We had a lovely, cold and frosty walk across Verulamium and arrived ready to warm up and learn! We went back in time to explore a Roman market dressed as typical Roman civilians. Each stall at the market had a variety of different tools, foods, clothes and household objects. Some were very similar to objects we have now but some were significantly different! Then we had some time to explore the museum ourselves whilst drawing and noting down our findings. We looked at Roman ruins, statues, pottery, coins, mosaics and lots more! A member of staff at the museum was very impressed with the children and celebrated that we were the best group for listening and focussing, that she has seen in a long time. Well done Year 4 – you were all superstars! Thank you to our volunteers for joining us and being so wonderful!