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Geography reindeer hunt

Year 6 enjoyed an active session of geography fieldwork on Friday afternoon with  Adrian from Active Outdoor Discovery. Emulating the Romans’ system of measurement, the children were challenged to measure the length and width of the playground using their own footsteps and they learnt that the concept of a mile derives from a thousand paces. …

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World War Two Evacuee Visit

Year 6 WW 2 evacuee visit – Autumn 2 2023 Our history topic this half term in Year 6 is World War Two and we were lucky enough to have a VIP come into class to talk to us about her experiences of life as a young girl during the war . Sally Ambrose was …

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Geography fieldwork trip – River Ver

  This half term, Year 6 took their Geography learning out of the classroom and into the river, quite literally! Having studied rivers in class, Laura from the Chilterns and Chalk Streams Project came into school to talk to us about our very own chalk stream, the River Ver. We learned about the importance of the river and the wildlife that …

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